Welcome to our web site!  We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase the talented dogs and handlers that make up the Wakemup family.  Although we are located in Kansas, our name comes from our favorite place to visit.  Beautiful Lake Vermillion in Northern Minnesota is the site of Wakemup Bay, where I vacationed growing up. My parents retired there, allowing us to visit with the dogs as often as we can!  While our breeding schedule is very limited (one litter every 2 or 3 years),  you would never know it by the tremendous success enjoyed by this very accomplished group!  We can't say enough about the wonderful people that own, love, and compete with our dogs. We hope you enjoy your visit!  Be certain to scroll all the way down on each page, you don't want to miss anything!       Beth and Eric Ericson





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One male pup available sired by Bender.  Briarwoodlanegoldenretrievers.com

One male pup available sired by Bender. Briarwoodlanegoldenretrievers.com

Three (3) Wild Brothers pass the Master Hunt Test at the 2015 GRCA
L to R - Carol Young & Ticket, Pam Turgeon & Gibbs, Janet Dreiling & Ace
Congratulations Ladies!
L to R:  Purple, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink

June 2, 2015 - Photo by Nancy May
Litter almost 5.5 weeks
More photos from this shoot
Wakemup Ace is Wild MH WC

Ace got his MH on 9-13-15 @ St. Louis
Wakemup Plays for High Stakes MH WC
Reve got his MH on 5-31-15 @ 20 months!
Ticket & Carol earn their first JAM, May 24, 2015
Wakemup Ticket to a Wild Ride RA TD MH OA NAJ WCX **
Gibbs got a JAM at the field trial today, March 27, 2015
Wakemup Wild Child CDX RA MH OA OAJ NF WCX **
MACH Wakemup Formidable Tryndz CD RN MXB MJS
a/k/a Tryn & Pink Girl
Sunday, Dec 7, 2014 Tulsa, OK
MACH9 Brook! 
Owned, loved, and cherished by Jim & Linda Nelson.

April 19, 2014 with Tammie Gigstad at Sports City, Blue Springs, MO

Introducing yet another new Master Agility Champion
MACH Wakemup Hard Wired to Run MXF MFB T2B3 CA
2-14-14 @ New Iberia Louisiana
Congratulations Bill & Morgan!!!

OTCH MACH Benden's Tempestuous Storm UDX OM3 MX MXJ OF JH WCX

Congratulations to Janet & Tempi
Triune Agility Club
Lawrence KS  2-13-14

Congratulations to Linda Nelson and Nash who is now known as
MACH5 Wakemup Sea Nash Run
Achieved 2-2-14 in Wichita KS.

Wheatland GRC WC/WCX test

Caitlynn and River at the Sunflower Cluster!!

Caitlynn, age 8, and River, age 12, competing in veteran's obedience on Saturday 4-7-12. 

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News Flash

News Flashes
Reve finished his NA and NAJ titles as well as his CD.  He won a High in Trial to boot!

Ace and Janet earned their WCX!

Quest, 6 months old, and Patti pass the tracking certification.

Another QQ x 2 weekend for Tryn!

Jimi (Rewired Litter) gets UD and a couple UDX legs, HIT HC!

ADHF (Agility Dog Hall of Fame) for Tryn!!!

Tryn QQ & blue! x 2

MACH Tracer!

MACH Speed!

Echo gets her JH title!

Shine - High Combined - GRCA National!

Big congratulations to Pam Taylor Turgeon, Carol Young and Janet Dreiling for the wild brothers master passes at the GRCA national!

Echo picked up 2 JH legs!

Reve earns his WCX!

Gibbs is back!  He passed his 1st Master Hunt test after being out 5 months!

Ace earned his MH title!

Taze gets her 3rd QQ - 1 day of showing!

Buzz(2) earns a Rally Advanced title and a CD title all in one weekend!

Dusty makes her debut in agility and brings home a Q with a blue ribbon!

Taze brought home 2 MX legs, 1 MXJ leg & 2 T2B legs.  She gets her 2nd QQ!

Bender Leg # 2 with 195 in Open B.  Leg # 3 and CDX Aug 21, 2015!

Wrigley brings home his NF title with placements and a blue in Novice Jumpers!

Maggie (Play Litter) earned her WCX at Turnagan Pass, AK on the weekend of Aug 9, 2015!

Tracer (sired by Wakeup Rain Dance x Sally Sherman's Zing) is ranked in the top Power 10 Goldens for Quarter 2 of 2015!!!

Taze earned AX title, 2 MX legs and her first MACH points first QQ, 1 MXJ leg and 2 T2B legs in one great weekend!

Wrigley gets his NA!

Piper is starting to get feathering! Any other Game pups?

Yuba is now a Certified Search K9!

Tryn finishes T2B title!

Indie finishes his Excellent Fast Title!

Reve qualifies for Masters National!

Tempi gets her 2nd SH leg!

Jonah gets his WC!

Reve earned his MH title!

Tempi gets her first SH leg!

Ani passes her Therapy Dog Test!

Red passes her Therapy Dog Test!

Buzz  *Play Litter*  gets his NA & NAJ!

Ticket gets his first JAM!

Morgan received a nice certificate in the mail. Agility Dog Hall of Fame!

Ace gets another Master Pass.  #2!

Red & Lori are on a roll!  Wow 3 legs in the ribbons for a new title = CDX.  

Red gets Open A leg number 2 with a blue ribbon!

Jonah brings home a QQ!

Red earned 2nd place in his Open A debut!

Lacey earned her 2nd UD leg!

Ace got his first MH leg!

Wrigley gets his BN!

Jonah gets a QQ!

The Game Litter has arrived! Echo and babies doing well!

Revel finishes her NAJ!

Taze finished OA and AXJ!

Red finished his Pre-Open title!

Red earned a leg in Rally Advanced B!

Red earned a leg in Grad Novice!

Red also finished his Rally Advanced B title!

Lacey earns her first UD leg!

Tryn gets a Q with her Aunt Shannon in Beginner Novice!

Gibbs gets a JAM at his first every field trial!

Taze wins Ex JWW!

Ticket brought home a FAST leg, an open standard leg and an Ex JWW leg and picked up some T2B points!

Risky's 1st QQ both in the blue and brought home 116 MACH points.

Red gets his OJP this weekend and legs toward his OAP and OFP!

Jonah gets his MXJ!

Wrigley's 1st agility run was in Novice Fast with a Blue Ribbon. Wow!

Reve gets his SH!

Taze back in the ring and Q's in T2B and then straight to Open Standard and takes 3rd place!

Happy 3rd birthday to the Rewired litter!

Rumble gets his OA,

Rumble gets his NA!

Nova at the Nashville Dog Training Club's Regional Qualifying event. 1st in UB yesterday, 1st in OB and HIT today with a 199.5 !!!!

Gibbs brings home 2 blue ribbons from agility trial and has lots of other nice runs...

Red gets his Versatility Certificate in the mail!



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