About Us

We are a small hobby breeder striving to produce healthy Golden's with proper temperament, sound structure, and work ethic.  All puppies are raised in the home with early neurological stimulation and intensive socialization.   I compete with my own dogs in obedience, conformation, and hunt tests, and am also adding agility into the mix.  I take most of our dogs to work with me every day as I am an obedience instructor by trade.  While most of our puppies compete in some type of performance venue, our main priority is that our dogs go to a home where they will be appreciated and loved for a lifetime (and also kept pretty darn busy!).  Our first litter made their mother (Ida Red's Wakemup Riverdance UD JH) an outstanding dam by the time they were three years old!  We couldn't be more thrilled with the homes our puppies have gone to so far!