2024 TENTATIVE litter planned:  Kasper/ Nahni late spring early summer 2024.  


Please contact us if you are interested in being considered for a pup from an upcoming litter.

Previous Wakemup litters

Previous litters:

  • The "Dance" litter Ch Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF OS x Ida Red's Wakemup Riverdance UD JH WC OD born 1-9-02.  These dogs can be seen on the Dance Litter page!
  • The "Run" litter - Ch Meadowpond River to the Sea CDX OS x Wakemup Dancin' til Dawn AX AXJ born 1-3-05.  See these babies at various ages on the Run Litter page!
  • The "Secret" litter - Highmark's He's Greeat x Kamaglo a Paler Shade of Blue born 10-20-06. These pups  are all placed.  
  • The "Form" litter - Ch Kamaglo's Original Formula CDX JH WCS OS x Wakemup Runs with Scissors CD. Check out the Form Litter page! 
  • The "Wired" litter - OTCH MACH9 Coppertop's Live Wire VCD3 UDX TDX MH MXF WCX CCA VCX ADHF OS x  Wakemup Runs with Scissors CDX.  Check out the Wired Litter page!
  • The "Wild" litter - OTCH MACH9 Coppertop's Live Wire VCD3 UDX TDX MH MXF WCX CCA VCX ADHF OS x Benden's Xsiv at Wakemup WCX CD. Check out the Wild Litter page!
  • The "Rewired" litter - OTCH MACH9 Coppertop's Live Wire VCD3 UDX TDX MH MXF WCX CCA VCX ADHF OS x Wakemup Runs with Scissors CDX. Check out the Rewired Litter page!
  • The "Play" litter -  HRCH OTCH One Ash Spring Loaded for Play MH CCA VCX OBHF x Benden's XSZiv at Wakemup CDX JH WCX.  Check out the Play Litter page!

  • The "Game" litter -  HRCH Wynwoods Wild Card CD MH CCA VCX ** x Wakemup Rewired For Sound NA OAJ WC CCA.  Check out the Game Litter page!
  • The "Fire" litter-  PACH Topbrass Double Dare MH x Benden's XSZiv at Wakemup CDX JH WCX CCA OD  Check out the Fire Litter page!
  • The “Easy” litter   HR Wakemup Wild Night Out UDX Jh WCX OBHF OS X Spirits Bad Habit ar Wakemup 
  • The “Dream” litter  Otch MACH Webshires Takoda Code Talker x Spirits Bad Habit at Wakemup CD WC CCA

Health  We have been very fortunate at Wakemup to have encountered only a few health issues at this time.  Three members of the Dance litter were borderline low thyroid and on medication, and one has a mildly dysplastic hip.  One member of the Run litter died at the age of 3.5 yrs. One of the Wild litter boys, and one Easy litter pup  had elbow surgery. One fire litter puppy has had OCD surgery and is doing well.  Additionally, three members of the Wired litter have confirmed cases of PU.  All breeding stock at Wakemup Goldens is screened for inherited defects as recommended by the GRCA.  All breeding bitches have Eye, heart,  and elbow clearances. DNA testing is performed as well.   In addition we screen hips with both OFA and Penn Hip methods.   We also have as thorough as possible knowledge about the littermates of our girls, as all puppies bred by us are required to obtain clearances as well.  When selecting sires, we look at depth of pedigree for longevity and clearance information, and tend to breed to males that are well into adulthood (7 years or older).  This also gives us a chance to see mature offspring sired by that particular dog.   There is simply not enough information currently available to tell us if this, ultimately, will result in longer lives for our pups.  Cancer is the cause of death for 60% of goldens.  Read more about this issue here: http://www.grca.org/pdf/health/cancer.pdf  While genetics is a bit of a gamble, and nobody can truly guarantee what puppies will turn out like, we try our best to minimize the risk of losing your beloved pet any sooner than necessary.  All of these factors in addition to temperament, structure, and working ability make for a long decision making process!

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Addie’s litter by Treyband Pippins litter by Bryce. Summer 2021