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UCDX UAG1 OTCH Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee UDX8 RN NAJ OA OBHF

UCDX UAG1 OTCH Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee UDX8 RN NAJ OA OBHF
OTCH U-CDX Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee UDX8 RN OA NAJ U-AG1 OBHF

 Photo by Godsil Photography
  • Honey & Brenda take 1st place from the Sporting Dog Group on 12/13/08 at the AKC National Obedience Invitational.
  • Honey finished Saturday as top Golden Retriever, Top Sporting dog, and second place overall. On Sunday they made it to the final eight teams!!!! 
Words from Brenda:
"Honey is officially retired, except for an occ. specialty or National, we will see. She is the best girl that ever was, for me. She has never let me down, and I will miss our time dancing in the ring together, but that is all about me, she told me she is ready to just be a lady of leisure, and boss the boys around. Winning the sporting group, HS Golden, and #2 on Sat., top #8 on Sun., what more can she do? Thanks again for all your support all these years, we love you all."

Photo by Godsil Photography

Photo by Godsil Photography
Here is the incomparable team of Brenda Enders and OTCH Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee  as they compete on Saturday of AKC's National Obedience Invitational. Honey finished Saturday as top Golden Retriever,Top Sporting dog, and second place overall. On Sunday they made it to the final eight teams!!!! Words cannot express how proud and thrilled the Wakemup family is at this recent success!!!

UCDX UAG1 OTCh Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee UDX8 RN NAJ OA - Honey finished her Open Agiity Title in Carthage, MO (March 14th, 2010) Aunt Janet says "Mom she is not ready to retire".  They obtain her 1st Open Jumpers leg! 

UCDX UAG1 OTCh Wakemup's Dancing Honey Bee UDX8 RN - Honey also finishes with 2 HIT's this weekend at UKC in Springfield, MO (May 30-31, 2009)

New Stats are out and Brenda & Honey did it again (Stats through June 30, 2008)
Toby-Tigger Points Earned - Tied for 7th
OTCH Points Earned - 8th
High In Trials-3rd - 8 ribbons!!!
High Combined-2nd - 11 ribbons!!!
Top 50 Goldens - 9th!!! 

With the new stats out - Brenda and Honey are ranked!!! YEA!!! (Stats through May 31)
Toby-Tigger points-Tied for 9th with 75 points
OTCH points earned-9th with 136 points
High In Trials-4th with 6
High Combined-2nd with 9
Ranked 11th in Golden Retrievers -- with 291 points.
Dave Gannon &Bossman are 10th with 292 points!! :)
((Drum roll please - 1,008 OTCH points earned!!!))

Honey & Brenda back in the Obedience Stats for Golden Retrievers. Stats are through
4-30-08.  Honey & Brenda are tied for 5th forToby-Tigger Points. Ranked 8th with
OTCH points earned. Tied for 3rd for High In Trials. Took 2nd place for High Combineds.
Ranked 9th in Top 50 Goldens in Obedience!!!

Honey and Brenda are ranked 6th in High Combined's from the Golden 2008 Obedience Stats.

"Honey" Ranked in the Top 10 GRCA 2007 Obedience Stats -
Ranked 7th by Toby-Trigger points earned 208. Ranked 8th by OTCH points earned 416.
Ranked by High in Trials tied for 7th with 13. Ranked 5th by High Combineds tied for 7th with 15.

Honey and Brenda have accumulated 7 High in Trials as of June, 2006. They won back to back in Harrison, Arkansas where Honey will be featured on a billboard for next years show!

High in Trial, High Combined, and an OTCH title to boot! Brenda and Honey finished their OTCH on 2-6-06 at the Sweetheart Classic Dog shows amid stiff competition. This was Honey's first show in which to compete in both Open and Utility, and she placed first in both classes! This also made her the first Wakemup performance champion! She followed it up by getting her second UDX leg the next day with another Utility 1st and Open 2nd. We couldn't be more proud of this wonderful team!!!

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