2015 Accomplishments

Congratulations to all the Wakemup successes!

Oct 26, 2015
Quest & Patti earned their tracking certification so they are eligible to enter a tracking test.  Quest is 6 months old.  Patti indicated that she wanted to thank Jerry Keys for being her coach and making her more observant and patient.  Congratulations Patti & Quest!

Oct 23-25, 2015 Carthage MO
Tryn brought him 2 QQ's from Carthage.  Tryn had to give Dayna some help on the course.  Congratulations Dayna & Tryn!

Oct 19, 2015 from Janet Dreiling to Carol Young and Robert Becker "for working to help their dogs succeed in the field and for making the sacrifices that go along with reaching that goal.  Can't wait to see all the wonderful accomplishments that wait you in the future.  Hugs to Ticket & Reve!!!

Oct 17 & 18, 2015 Rapid City, IA
Jimi & Jane got their UD title along with a couple of UDX legs and HIT (High in Trial) HC (High Combined) in Rapid City!  Congratulations Jane & Jimi!

Oct 17 & 18, 2015  Dodge City KS
Tryn got a QQ with blues today Sat & another QQ with blues Sunday.  Achieving the ADHF (Agility Dog Hall of Fame).  Congratulations Dayna & Tryn!

Oct 4 & 5, 2015 Kingman KS
Echo (Mother of Game Litter) finished her JH title this weekend at the Jayhawk Retriever Club test and also picked up an insurance leg!  Congratulations Vicki & Echo!

Oct 3, 2015 - 
Sally Sherman and I, Lori Curttright are very proud of this amazing litter and their equally amazing teammates!  It's been quite a week for the "Light" litter.  In the last 7 days, Speedy added MACH to his name, Shine won Obedience Hight Combined at the GRCA National, and Tracer finished her MACH today.  What's the deal with that Lights! Camera! Action! dog? (LOL, that's my Indie).  Congratulations Sally, Lori, and all the owners of the Light Litter!

Oct 3, 2015 Lincoln NE
Tracer became MACH Tracer on October 3 running with Jim on courses designed & judged by Terry Elger. She got 2nd place in both her Standard & JWW runs. She topped it off with a QQ the following day and placement in both. Tracer is truly gleeful on the course & loves every aspect of anything we ask her to do. She was destined to do agility from the first moment she crawled out of the whelping box. Thank you Sally & Lori for her. She is truly a joy in our lives.  Congratulations Jim & Linda Nelson & their girl MACH Tracer and qualifying for the AKC National.

Sept 27, 2015 Omaha, NE
Speed and Donna get their MACH!  Congratulations to an awesome team.  Details please!

Sept 27, 2015 GRCA National Specialty, Wilmington, OH

Big congratulations to Pam Taylor Turgeon, Carol Young and Janet Dreiling for the wild brothers master passes at the GRCA national!

Sept 23, 2015 Polk City, IA
Quest completed his first long track (250 yd.) with three turns.  My coach, Jerry Keys, says Quest is much more confident than I.  Congratulations Patty & Quest!

Sept 20, 2015 Oklahoma
Echo picked up 2 legs towards her MH title at the Sooner Retriever Hunt Club' trial. Congratulations Vicki & Echo!

Sept 20, 2015
Gibbs is back!  He passed his first MH hunt test after being out 5 months after bilateral elbow surgery!  Congratulations Pam & Gibbs!

Sept 13, 2015 near Orlando, FL

Reve (Play Litter) earned his WCX in at Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club near Orlando.   Reve had a big time and was the only dog out of 11 to qualify for the tougher Golden test.  Congratulations Robert & Reve!

Sept 13, 2015 St. Louis, MO
Ace finished his Master Hunter title in St. Louis today!  "Thank you brothers Ticket and Gibbs (and your hard working moms) for inspiring us!  Congratulations Janet & Ace!

Sept 10-13, 2015 Amarillo, TX
Buzz(2) and Teresa added some two titles in one weekend!  Buzz(2) got his Rally Advanced title and his CD title.  Congratulations to Teresa & Buzz(2)!

Sept 4-6, 2015 AK
Dusty and Bonnie made their debut in agility and Dusty brought home a Q with a blue ribbon. According to Aunt Denise it was a really nice run! According to Aunt Debbie - there wer no golden zooms or visiting.  Really nice!  Qualified right of the bat.  Everyone is wondering why her mom did not brag her up and so they thought that is what Aunties were for!  Congratulations Bonnie, Barbara & Dusty!

Sept 7, 2015 CA
Taze & I are home from a hot and dusty agility weekend.  She earned 2 MX legs, 1 MXJ leg, and 2 T2B legs and her second Double Q. She is getting faster and more confident each trial.  Thanks Beth Ericson for picking the perfect girl for me!!!!  Congratulations Nicole & Taze!

Aug 20, 2015 Topeka KS
Topeka Kennel Club today.  Leg # 2 out of Open B with a 195 for Fender Bender!  No particulars on Leg # 3 on the next day in which they got Bender's CDX.  Beth!!??
Congratulations to Beth & Bender!

Aug 20, 2015 TX
This past weekend Wrigley got his Novice Fast title in style with a 2nd and a 1st place and he also got a 1st place in Novice Jumpers. One more and he will have his title! Proud of my big boy.  Once again, Beth, thank you so much for blessing me with this wonderful boy!!!  Congratulations Carol & Wrigley!

Aug 10, 2015 - Gibbs received his invitation to the Master National.  Unfortunately we won't be able to go this year due to his bilateral elbow surgery.  But I couldn't be prouder of him!!  We are getting back to training on water and hopefully land soon.  Maybe next year we can join everyone!  Good luck to all my training buddies and to the two other Wakemup dogs entered!  Congratulations Pam & Gibbs!!!

Turnagan Pass, AK - Aug 9, 2015
Play Litter, Maggie, and Ziniri, Kate, earned their WCX this past weekend.  Turnagan Pass, AK - what a beautiful place to hold this event! Also proud of Maggie's owner, handler and trainer who happens to be my husband.   Congratulations to the Drennan family.

NE Quarter 2 - 2015 - Breed Power 10 (Bad Dog Agility)
Not only is our very own Miss Tracer (sired by Wakeup Rain Dance x Sally Sherman's Zing), owned by Jim and Linda Nelson, on this Power 10 ranking, she holds the highest YPS over all the others!!!  Congratulations to Jim & Linda & Tracer!!!

Central Point, OR  - Aug 2, 2015
Taze - Home from a great weekend in Central Point Oregon at the Flat Coat Retriever Agility Trial.  I must say I am one happy and proud mom.  Take not only earned her AX with a 4th place on Friday but went on to get her first MX leg and MACH points on Saturday, plus another T2B leg..  Then today she was amazing and earned her first QQ.  I am so proud of my girl.  We have really been working hard and its coming together.  Total for the weekend 2 T2B legs, AX, 2 MX legs and 1 MXJ leg and a huge smile on my face as I have said before "love my girl!!"  Congratulations Nicole & Taze!  What a weekend!!!

Sisters, OR July 17, 2015
Proud of my "Wild" pup! Yuba.  We passed our OSSA (Oregon State Sheriff's Assoc.) Wilderness Air Scent certification test today!  He is now a Certified Search K9!  Congratulations Marty & Yuba!

Independence, MO July 3-5, 2015

Tryn got her T2B title and brought home on a QQQ on Sunday.  Overall Dayna & Tryn went 7 out of 9.  Great weekend in MO!  Tryn was in the zone and saved her mamma's behind a few times.  Congratulations Dayna & Tryn!

Springfield, MO June 28, 2015
Indie brings home his Excellent Fast Title.  Congratulations Lori & Indie!

Valley, NE June 21, 2015
Tempi gets her 2nd SH leg!  Congratulations Janet & Tempi!

Waterville, ME  June 21, 2015
Reve & Robert qualify for the Masters National!  Congratulations Robert & Reve!

June 7, 2015
Jonah gets his WC.  Congratulations Carol and Jonah!

Mississippi May 31, 2015
Reve earned his Master Hunter Title today at the Northern Mississippi Amateur Retriever Club AKC tests. At only 20 months of age he is apparently one of the youngest Goldens to do so. Very proud of this capable boy. Much appreciation goes out to his talented trainer Eddie Rodriguez.  Congratulations Robert & Reve!

May 31, 2015
Wakeup Rain Dance's Daughter got her first SH leg today at 7 years!!!!!  I hope there will be more to come Tempi!!!!  Congratulations Janet & Tempi!

Amarillo TX May 22-25, 2015
Buzz earned his NA and NAJ titles in the Amarillo, Texas, 3 day trial on Memorial weekend. He qualified 6 out of 9 runs and earned 4 firsts, a second and a third. He ran his third leg jumpers course in a blazing 17 seconds, nailed his weaves every single time and best of all.....he beat those dang Border Collies for a first place in Time-to-Beat! Just think....this was only his second agility trial and he beat Border Collies that compete at the excellent level! I can't wait to see what his future holds! 

Congratulations Teresa & Buzz!

May 24, 2015 NY
Ticket from the Wild Litter and I earned our first Qualifying JAM at Central New York's field trial this weekend!!!!!  He did a great job and I'm so proud of him! His land marks and land blind were great, and he did a credible job on the water blind.  I'm thinking he may have been in the running to place until he took a rather large detour on a long retired water mark to make sure a stump in the water wasn't the bird he was looking for.  After checking out the stump, he climbed on a log, looked around, said to himself, "oh yeah, it fell over that way" and took off to get it.  He was really thinking on that one - lol. Congratulations Carol & Ticket!

May 23, 2015 TX
This came in the mail last week.  (Certificate of Merit) Agility Dog Hall of Fame) Did not really know what it was until I talked to Bonnie McLean.  Very proud of our "Morgan" (Wired Litter).  P.S. After 7 months with a partial torn ccl/acl.  We went the conservative management route.  Rest, rehab, brace, herbs & acupuncture.  Morgan is back and competing in Agility.  Congratulations Bill, Annique & Morgan!

May 18, 2015 TN
Ace - Wild Litter Pup, gets another MH leg with Mitch White!  Congratulations Janet & Ace & Mitch!

May 16-18, 2015 Broken Arrow OK
Tryn and Dayna had nice pieces all weekend - and finally came together for a qualifying run on Sunday's jumpers and took a 3rd place. Congratulations Dayna & Tryn!

May 8-10, 2015 Topeka KS

"Wild" Red earned his CDX title this weekend with two firsts and a second place finish in Open A at the Sunflower Kennel Club shows in Topeka, KS.  Congratulations Lori & Red!  What an awesome duo!!!
Red gets his 2nd leg in Open A with a 1st place and a score of  193.5! Congratulations Lori & Red!
Lacey now has 2 Utility legs!  Congratulations Debbie & Lacey!
Red made his debut in Open A Obedience.  A score of 191 and a 2nd place!  Awesome debut!  Congratulations Lori & Red!

May 4, 2015 IL
Ace - Wild Litter Pup, with his coach Mitch White, together they passed Ace's first MH leg in Illinois!  Congratulations Janet & Ace & Mitch!

May 1-3, 2015 Berryville AR
Tryn had some great runs and did bring home a 4th place in std and a 4th place in jumpers.  
Fun weekend in Arkansas! Lots of nice courses laid down by Lynn Morgan. One toe away on the frame for a double - no help from the handler. Congrats Dayna & Tryn!

April, 25-27, TX
Wrigley got his BN title with a third and fourth place! Congratulations Carol and Wrigs!

April 22, 2015 CA
Revel finished her Novice JWW! Will be showing Open standard and jww.  One leg in open standard.  Her speed and motivation is picking up considerably.  Having a super time!  Congratulations Rebecca & Revel!

April 3-5, 2015
Taze was awesome! She got a 1st place in Open Standard on Saturday.  Sunday she got a 2nd in Excellent JWW to earn her AXJ followed by another 1st in Open Standard for her OA.  It's great to see our hard work starting to show.  Congratulations Nicole & Taze!

April 3-5, 2015 Wichita KS
Lacey earned her first UD leg at the Sunflower Cluster.  Debbie said "I'm so proud of her.  Her score was pretty good, too...184.5.  Most points lost for her excited barking over the jumps on her directed jumping.  Must be a Wakemup thing!  Congratulations Debbie & Lacey!

Red earned three blue ribbons this weekend, finishing his Pre-Open Title, earning a leg in Rally Advanced B and Grad Novice.  Red also earned a yellow ribbon, finishing his Rally Advanced B title.  Way to go Lori & Red, Congratulations!

Tryn competed with her Aunt Shannon at the Sunflower Cluster in Beginner Novice and brought home a Qualifying Round and a cool new tug, with a 194.5?  Congratulations Shannon and Tryn!

Tryn brought home a Q in Master JWW.  She had a lot of nice runs, just a little thing here and there!  Congratulations Dayna & Tryn!

March 27, 2015
Gibbs & Pam get a JAM at their first ever field trial on the Eastern Shore.  Gibbs did a great job and came home with a JAM!!  He proudly wears ** after his name!!  Congratulations Pam & Gibbs!

March 13-15, 2015 California

Taze went from sleeping on my lap to winning Excellent JWW with a blue ribbon!!!  That's her 2nd leg toward her AXJ.  As I have said before LOVE this girl!!!!!  Congratulations Nicole & Taze!

March 14-15, 2015 Ohio
Ticket had a fabulous weekend at a local agility trial. Over the two days he picked up some T2B points, a FAST leg, an open standard leg and an Ex JWW leg!! Woohoo! He's so much fun to run in agility!  Congratulations Carol & Ticket!

March 6-8, 2015 Alaska
Risky brings home the first QQ with 2 blues and 116 MACH points.  Impressive, Bonnie.  Congratulations Bonnie & Risky!

March 6-8, 2015 KS
Red had a great weekend.  Red brought home his OJP title and got legs in both OAP and Open Fast.  Looking good, Lori & Red.  Congratulations!
Tryn's first time out since her MACH 3 months ago.  A little rusty we were but had a great 1st Jumpers run, after we had slept in and missed our T2B run and she brought home a 3rd place ribbon.  A big thank you goes out to her Aunt Pam H. for running Tryn in her 2 other T2B classes wherein they Q'd.  Also they had a great standard run but no Q - but a whole lot of boofing going on from the Wakemup sassy pants!  

March 6-8, 2015 NE
Jonah got his MXJ title on Saturday and was only .02 from a blue ribbon!  Congratulations Carol and Jonah!

March 3, 2015 NM
Wrigleys first agility run novice fast . 1st place !  Congratulations Carol & Wrigley!

Feb 28, 2015 GA
New Wakemup Senior Hunter.
On February 28, in Thomasville, Ga., home of the last great Southern plantations, Reve (Play litter) earned his Senior Hunt title. Some tests were really challenging (in one test only 8 of 37 dogs passed). Mucho compliments from pros and veteran trainers. Eddie Rodriguez is a super trainer! It is an absolute joy experiencing Reve's talent and enthusiasm. We hope that in the future Wakemup's Plays for High Stakes will continue to make his breeders proud. Congratulations Robert & Reve!

Feb 28, 2015 CA
Well Taze was back in the ring today after two months off to work on her skills.  So much fun running my girl she qualified in Time to Beat and then went straight to Open Standard for a 3rd place.  Love my wakemup girl!!!!!! More fun tomorrow!!  Well today did not go as well.  No Q's but she did a great job and as always she was adorable.  Congratulations Nicole & Taze!

Feb 13, 2015
Rumble gets his OA!  Congratulations Kristin & Rumble!

FL - Bonnie & Clyde Trial Jan 23-25, 2015
Rumble's runs from this weekend....the good, bad, and ugly. No need for a highlights reel as I feel every single moment in the ring with him is a highlight. Even though he is my 3rd agility dog, it is like learning all over again for me. To have a pup so self-propelled and willing to drive the lines I set is so new to me!! My only regret is that our runs don't last long enough wink emoticon Love this boy to the moon and back!!  Congratulations Kristin & Rumble!

Nashville, TN Jan 23-25, 2015
Nova had a fabulous weekend at the Nashville Dog Training Club's Regional Qualifying event. 1st in UB yesterday, 1st in OB and HIT today with a 199.5 !!!! She won some pretty ribbons and nice prizes. Great judges amd competitors. The venue and hospitality of the club was superb! Got to see some old friends and their amazing dogs. What fun 
smile emoticon  Congratulations Brenda & Nova!

Lexington, VA - Jan 9-11, 2015

Gibbs - Fun three days of agility in Lexington, Va. Gibbs had two first place runs, two lovely runs with a knocked bar in each, one nice run with the bad handler not calling him off of the wrong obstacle quick enough and one WILD out of control run! Gotta live up to that WILD name!  Congratulations Pam & Gibbs!

Wichita, KS Jan 10, 2015

Red received his Versatility Certificate in the mail today.  Congratulations on all your successes Lori & Red!  

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