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Puppies are a lot of work! 
Why not consider adopting a golden retriever from Rescue?

Due to the tremendous popularity of the breed, there are many golden retrievers without homes.  Unscrupulous breeders sell puppies to anyone willing to pay for them, with little consideration for the dog's long term future.  While golden retrievers are wonderful dogs, they are also puppies for at least 2 years!  This makes those critical first years very labor intensive for the owner.  Goldens require regular training and exercise throughout life, as well as plenty of love and attention.  Many people are caught by surprise when their cute little fluff ball piddles on the rug and chews up the remote.  These factors as well as people who find themselves unexpectedly unable to care for their dog lead to the need for rescue.  There are many lovely older and young adult Goldens in need of homes.  They just need someone willing to give them attention, training, and love!  Consider a rescue dog, you won't regret it! www.goldenrecovery.org is a great place to learn more!

Golden Retrievers are an active breed!  They need regular exercise (fetching, running, swimming) and obedience training.  The first few years require close supervision and management, as baby Golden's typically really like to chew!  They also shed quite a bit (year round) and love to carry things in their mouth (toys, remote controls, underwear).  They love people and need to be with them!  Left alone out in the yard a golden will become bored and destructive.   If you are considering bringing a golden retriever into your life, please realize it is a 10-12 year commitment!

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